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Wine Club

Raptor Reds

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Among the Raptor Reds, discover the spirit and complex flavor of the Pacific Northwest. All distinct, but equally drinkable, our winemaker will create a wine portfolio from the blends, as well as our classic varietals. Grouped in sixes, twice per year, enjoy the array of reds as well as a 15% discount. Club members can look forward to the earthy Sangiovese, our famous (and beautiful) blend Homme Nu, and the just-right pepper-and-plum-filled Cabernet (that walks that perfect line between powerful and reserved). All are thoroughly drinkable, delicious and approachable, yet lovely enough to serve for the most special occasions.

Eagle's Nest

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If you appreciate the Eagle Harbor reds as well as its whites, may we suggest the Eagle's Nest club.  Enjoy a variety of six winemaker-selected bottles, twice per year and enjoy a 15% discount. We'll hand pick a half dozen bottles -- some ideal for drinking alone and others perfect for pairing with food -- designed to provide members a wide array of elegant choices. Ideal as a gift or as a perfect collection to serve for the winter and spring holidays. 

Local Lovers

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Ideal for our Bainbridge Island neighbors who love both our reds as well as the whites, the Local Lovers club is the choice for you.  Enjoy a variety of four winemaker-chosen bottles, three times per year and enjoy a 15% discount. We'll hand-select a delicious selection of our wines and you pick them up.  Ideal to serve at your most special meals or as an unforgettable gift for your host or hostess.

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